Taste of SS16 // colors

Well Well Well


I made a promise to post 3 x a week and here I am to do so- and what better way to ring in the new year then a fresh fashion post.

I want to talk about my favorite part of the fashion-forecast… color stories.

Now usually in spring/summer mood boards we see lots of brights and pastels- but this year, designers were also staying to true to the what has been really popular.. like deeper, more bodiful colors, and I dig it.

So I have been pinning and pinning and pinning runway looks from fashion week, I’m in love with these beautiful pastels that we are soon to be rocking.


ahh , the neutral palette. it’s going to be everywhere you guys. Variations of these pale pinks, such as coral, salmon and champagne I don’t even like pink, but this season’s particular hues has me in a gravitational pull.



.. and for some reason it feels so sexy.

I can only describe this hue as a pinky nudey orange- with a little hint of sunset. I’m taking que’s from Prabal Gurung’s gorgeous SS16 collection ( with a nod to the 70’s as you can see below )





Deep, sexy & still going strong. That’s all you need to know kids.



a sweet lemon square if you will, my favorite color is yellow.. and something about this beautiful color makes me so happy.. Tea Party Anyone?



Channel your inner mermaid/merman with the deep shade somewhere between a turquoise and a dark muted blue.




A bold & beautiful shade of blue between serious & loud that we should all start wearing now.



I didn’t know if I wanted to include the classics in this blog post, but I’m going to because SHOUT-OUT BALENCIAGA!! You’re killing it this year.


#8 Muted Blue/ Moonstone Blue

I am a little bit obsessed with this color. I watched in awe from my little screen as a model in Chloe’s ” multicolored dress ” strutted down the runway in this chiffon number, and it was love at first sight. Another spot I noticed this particular shade, was the eye makeup in Chanel’s airport SS16 runway show. In the shape of sunglasses , THAT IS THE COLOR PEOPLE. THAT IS IT. YES KARL YES.

observe below.


a model backstage at the Chanel Airlines SS16 Show http://www.crash.fr/chanel-ss16-show-paris/


That’s all for now kiddies,

next stop.. Silhouettes


xx K






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