Back from a long… break

well hello there fashionistas!!

I am back a more passionate and hopefully more reliable human. Trying to sort out a routine is tough you guys, I’m sure ya’ll do it better than me.

I truly should be studying for an exam right now… but hey,

whats studying without a study break??

The autumn season is ‘fall’ ing ( HAH ) apon us and inspiration is everywhere. We’re seeing suedes, soft leathers, lace-up flys , flared pants, browns, reds, mustard, brushed gold, bohemian, western, monochrome oh my god I could go on for hours.

I must confess, I’m nearly always obsessed with everything I see in fashion forcasts .. just itching to go shopping (except for those horrendous wedge sneakers, c’mon beyonce)

but how can I work it with such minimal money, and such a high turnover of styles? Why would you spend your entire paycheque on a piece that A) you’re just testing out /not a classic piece and B) might become last season before the season’s over

Not all of us can be kylie jenner. That’s why this fall season I am committed to finding you dupes of the greatest and most coveted trends, maybe some steal-her-styles for less (comment the celebrity below!!) and for those of you that also feel the love of fall decor.. I have some easy DIYs in the works  for you 😉

stay tuned,


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